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Emner: Dagens dybsindige citat

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    Oct 2005

    Re: Dagens dybsindige citat

    The working of this process eventuating in anomie can be easily glimpsed in a series of familiar and instructive, though perhaps trivial, episodes. Thus, in competitive athletics, when the aim of victory is shorn of its institutional trappings and succes becomes constructed as "winning the game" rather than "winning under the rules of the game," a premium is implicitly set upon the use of illegitimate but technically efficient means. The star of the opposing football team is surreptitiously slugged; the wrestler incapacitates his opponent through ingenious but illicit techniques; university alumni covertly subsidize "students" whose talents are confined to the athletic field. The emphasis on the goal has so attenuated the satisfactions deriving from the sheer participation in the competitive activity that only a succesful outcome provides gratification ... The faint twinge of uneasiness in the last instance and the surreptitious nature of public delicts indicate clearly that the institutional rules of the game are known to those who evade them. But cultural (or idiosyncratic) exaggeration of the succes-goal leads men to withdraw the emotional support from the rules.
    Robert K. Merton, Social Structure and Anomie, 1949.
    EC1V Finsbury

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    Oct 2005

    Re: Dagens dybsindige citat

    We are taught that life is like a racetrack: that merit will find its own reward. This is the central way our system legitimates itself and motivates people to compete. But what a strange racetrack! In reality some people start half-way along the track, while others are forced to run with a millstone around their necks, while others are not even allowed on to the racetrack at all. The values of an equal and meritocratic society which capitalism inculcates into people are constantly at loggerheads with the actual material inequalities in the world.
    John Lea and Jock Young, What is to be done about Law and Order?, 1984
    EC1V Finsbury

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    May 2002

    Re: Dagens dybsindige citat

    Endnu engang var Sinkeparadokset oppe at vende i skakten. Det ledte mig ad sære omveje til den her, som jeg føler mig sært ramt af:

    "twentydollarbill 04 October 2009 at 12:29 pm
    I am unskilled, incompetent, and very self aware of it. In most tasks, I perform way below average, and constantly struggle to hold a steady job — my entire life. I’m 26 years old. What I’m about tell you, is a long held secret conspiracy — ‘stupid people’ share in common.

    Once upon a time, I had the ego.. confidence and determination, to never admit I was wrong. To lie about my skills. We… the incompetent people, fhave always ully realized our shortcomings, we simply don’t want to admit it.

    * People who are viewed incompetent, often make less money, have worse spouses, get teased a lot, and even get taken advantage of. Do you really want to be in this category? We sure the hell don’t. But some of us are born ‘dumb’.

    We clearly recognize shortcomings of others too. I’m often drawn to intelligent people, and prefer to be around them. I enjoy learning and trying to figure out topics, that are clearly over my head However, it is true that many ignorant people, do infact, prefer the company, of other ignorant individuals. Simply because a disguise isn’t necessary around our own kind.

    Let us pretend we’re ‘above average’, damn it. Because before I read the comments, I thought median and average had the same defintion."

    I øvrigt mener jeg at hele København minus de største indfaldsveje skal være 30 km/t-zone

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    Nov 2003

    Re: Dagens dybsindige citat

    "At jeg er universets midte
    er ingen hazaderet dom
    jeg slutter mig rent logisk til det
    resten er jo udenom"

    Et af Piet Hein's gruk.
    "Some people believe football is a matter of life and death, I am very disappointed with that attitude. I can assure you it is much, much more important than that."
    - Bill Shankly

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    Aug 2006

    Re: Dagens dybsindige citat

    ›"At jeg er universets midte
    ›er ingen hazaderet dom
    ›jeg slutter mig rent logisk til det
    ›resten er jo udenom"

    ›Et af Piet Hein's gruk.

    Ja, det er det ganske vist. For du postede det nemlig også som det 6. i denne tråd ;)

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    Jan 2015

    Re: Dagens dybsindige citat

    "Be careful what you wish for"
    (Ståle Solbakken)
    SR #666

    Ceterum autem censeo Civitas Puteus delendam esse (I øvrigt mener jeg at Brøndby bør destrueres)

    Be careful what you wish for.
    (Citat: Ståle Solbakken)

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